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We provide MediSign, an integrated Practice Management software at a very affordable price. It is addressed to Doctors and HealthCare Professionals in private practice. Cloud-based application, simple, user-friendly, and secure. It runs on a PC, tablet, and smartphone. You can try it out for free for 30 days. No contracts, cancel anytime.

Medical records​

Demographics and patient photos, Personal history, Hereditary and family history, Gynecological history, Habits, and way of life.


As the information recorded increases, you can visualize your data, using various statistical reports.


Ability to attach any kind of document or image in EHR. Storage space 2GB or more.

ICD10 ready​

MediSign is ICD10 ready. However, you can use your own terms, which are added automatically to the database and remain available.


We offer a comprehensive secretariat that contains: Appointments, Task scheduling, and Contacts.


Electronic Invoicing. Smart invoice management (cancellation, payment, etc.). Define services and prices. Send invoice by email.

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